A page for general commentary by woodworkers.

I’ve recently added a poll to this page that addresses sharpening.  It will be interesting to see the results! Feel free to leave comments either on the poll or the page for others to consider.


3 thoughts on “Woodworking

  1. Dennis Rodrigues

    Well…both. Power tools are great for milling lumber close to final size and then it’s time for hand tools to remove milling marks and snipe, do final fitting and smoothing and hand cut those dovetails to name a few.


    • Jeff

      Agreed. It is rewarding to know and to have worked with Dennis, who makes great furniture, and who is also appreciates the fine control and finish obtainable with well-tuned hand tools.


  2. I’ve honed in (pun intended) on a process I’ve posted in my own blog (http://www.thisweekinwood.com/2009/06/update-sharpening-station/). It’s a combination of water stones, sandpaper, and a Tormek. It’s my favorite of the suggestions you had in your class on sharpening (great class for anyone who hasn’t attended).
    —- Glenn (www.thisweekinwood.com)


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